Popular media often feds the idea that men with luxury cars are an incredibly attractive commodity.  John Wayne in Batman with the Mercedes AMG Vision Gran Turismo, James Bond in Spectre with the Aston Martin DB10, or Danny Zucco in Grease Lightning with the 1946 Ford. Sure, these characters and their sexy cars are incredibly pleasing to look at but, that’s just it – they are characters. Not real-life figures. Real men (mostly men) that are pictured in a gradual, casual lean (or graceful lean) against an incredibly extravagant vehicle, frankly, look like they are overcompensating. It’s a flaunting of peacock feathers – an ostentatious action such as this is communicative of wealth and only wealth. It’s a superficial trait. Probably not the sort of attribute you’d like to flaunt in online dating.  

And anyway, the car already occupies the place of one true love. There is no room for anyone else in that relationship.