Girls pose with one leg in front of the other, pouting their lips. Guys flex their muscles in nicely pressed suits – all whilst glancing directly into their own reflection being displayed on the glaring iPhone screen. Here we can see the modern homo sapien, a member of the smartphone generation, in their natural habitat, effortlessly spreading their presence in the virtual world. The selfie becomes a display of their own narcissistic tendencies.

If we look closer, we can spot inklings of a bathroom, symbols that illustrate a living habitat: urinals, toilets, sinks, hairdryers, showers, stalls, towels, toilet paper, shower curtains, makeup, hairbrushes. And even though the homo sapien stands proudly in their habitat, soaking up their natural, photogenic beauty, they are blinded by their own vanity, unaware and oblivious to how society and social media have quietly fed them these standards of representation. They quickly become a passé, a cliché, a slave to modern visual standards.

Can the homo sapien ever break free of the selfie?