Any form of alcohol, whether its a glass of wine, a pint of beer, a shot of tequila, a double gin and tonic, is ubiquitous to dating. Drinking and dating culture are mates – they are best mates.

A drink is a lubricant that breaks tension, nervousness, loosens inhibitions on a first date. It is a substance that many swear by. In fact, many first meetings will take place in an establishment that serves alcohol – pub or bar.  The drink is central to the dating experience.

If we probe a bit further and examine the presence of alcohol in online dating photos, we are faced with an inescapable reality. Drinks are everywhere. Left, right, and centre. They decorate a myriad of profiles. What does this say about us? How did we get here? Is the presence of alcohol in our lives and our photos a demonstration of something deeper?  It becomes a showcase of sociability, sure – everyone wants to appear that way.

There are more societal, cultural implications and connotations that can be drawn out.

Alcohol is the modern, attainable drug of the 21st century.