Being pictured at the foot of the Eiffel Tower shares a passion for romance, it offers a sense of adventure, cultural appreciation – a certain joie-de-vivre. Because honestly, what is more romantic than being in the city of love (and having a photo to prove it)?

If that sounds corny, that’s because it is. Using the Eiffel Tower in dating photos to signify love is like using a Ferrari to illustrate wealth. It’s just too much. An over-exhausted representation. Just because you have photographic proof of your trip to Paris, does not make you passionate and tender lover – a traditional French stereotype we’re accustomed to through popular media.

Similarly to Tower Bridge in London, the Eiffel Tower occupies the same place of significance: it’s the icon of a city. And it’s interesting to consider how these architectural masterpieces have extended far beyond their primary purpose. The Eiffel Tower was constructed as a symbol of France’s newly found industrial power and now it is a symbol of tourism - its origins lost and commonly forgotten. Everyone wants to be modern explorer, an individual who is interested in broadening their cultural knowledge and personal development. Taking photos with recognisable architectural pieces such as the Eiffel Tower, removes its intended purpose and replaces it with an entirely new one.