Before I lose your attention and you say “aww,” I propose a simple equation.

Doggos = matches

Online daters that utilise dogs in their profile photos have a higher probability of initial conversation (or so the internet says: ie How to find love online? Pose with an animal in your profile picture”). Effectively, such a strong statement has resulted in a massive upsurge in recent years. Dogs are left, right and centre, making them a highly regarded, and highly sought-after prop. They provide a quick, effective ice-breaker and add a little slice of personality. This is where we start to see dog-fishing become an online dating phenomenon.

: when a person borrows a dog for their own profile snaps. This act can be equated to getting a foot in the door. A first step into the chance of love or sex, or just simply acceptance. Often awkward conversation follows when the person borrowing the dog for their profile snaps needs to explain that the dog is not in fact theirs. Bummer.

Dog-owners are often associated with nurturing, lovable qualities. This is a person that has a relatively well-off income, is responsible enough to take time for walks (sometimes multiple) during the day, and has a warming, cuddly personality. Who wouldn’t want to come across with these qualities? You can probably envision yourself joining this dog-owner on a weekend lunch-time dog stroll, walking hand-in-hand, ending up at the local pub to have strangers swoon and often show signs of jealousy of your perfect life and your perfect dog.

Sounds ideal, no?