Here we are again. Another exotic animal picture taken on a holiday. Yes, we get it – you are the epitome of an animal lover, animal friend – go animals. But we aren’t advocating for you. This millennial devotion of showcasing a love for all of nature’s creatures has forged an obsessive path. Any opportunity that involves an iPhone and an animal is instantaneously jumped on, without considering its consequences.

Wildlife tourism is a dark reality, a lucrative segment in the global travel industry.  And you can thank social media for clouding over this. They present an opportunity to check off a section on a bucket-list. There is so much joy, exhilaration even just thinking about it. But frankly, millennials should be more aware of what happens behind these wildlife experiences and the alluring social media photos they produce.

These exotic animals are exploited, trained to provide entertainment. And that is troubling. It time to put a pin in it.

Stop exotic animals on online dating profiles. Who’s with me?