If you want to show that you’ve been to London, you snap a photo at Tower Bridge (no, this isn’t London Bridge you tourist). London Eye, Buckingham Palace, or Big Ben just won’t do. Perhaps you think you’re clever - by posting this photo on Bumble and Hinge, you might fool prospective matches into thinking you’re a local. Because no one wants to get into a complicated long-distance relationship with you - a foreigner.

There is a slight caveat in this plan. No London local would be seen snapping photos at Tower Bridge. They would be in a trendy, back alley pub in Peckham, recommended to them by their hipster bartender.

There goes your plan.

Tower Bridge is beautiful. It is an iconic symbol of London. It was once an architectural masterpiece, designed to ease road traffic while preserving access to the Thames. It was once home to London’s Red-Light district. Have I caught your interest now? Climb the few hundred stairs, up to the high-level walkways and you would have been haunted with prostitutes and pickpockets.  What is it now? Tower Bridge is the most popular landmark to appear in online dating. It has become a backdrop, a photogenic setting for stunning selfies. Nothing more.