There are countless movie and TV scenes that depict love interests straddled on either side of a rowboat. It has been fed as a notoriously romantic activity. In fact, it’s a rather old-fashioned trope in popular culture. Think Ariel with Prince Eric in the Little Mermaid, when the song “Kiss the Girl” breaks out over a majestic aquatic show, Bridget Jones on a weekend holiday with Daniel Cleaver right before he falls into the water quoting Keats, or in the recent Amazon show, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel when Miriam takes Benjamin on a ride at the insistence of her mother. Recognise any of these?

So, what are these photos doing out of context to their Hollywood counterparts? Seems that the average online dater wants their life to come across like a movie. Picture this: a lazy summer afternoon, the lady sits comfortably on one end whilst her suitor rows the boat to her delights and flourishes her with compliments (or vice vera).
Give me a fan and a glass of wine and I’m in.