This is photographic proof that the individual in these photos has travelled far and wide, to spend their time and money on a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and commands attention for it on social media.

Apparently, standing next to exotic creatures makes one appear “grander” and “well-travelled” –  although, that’s up for debate. I get it, elephants are some of the most intelligent and nurturing animals on our planet and showcasing your love for them can make you appear free-spirited and eager to establish a nurturing, deep-rooted connection to nature. But the truth in this reality is that these sanctuaries and bathing rituals are extremely exploitative. Is this the kind of message that should be shared with potential matches? Heck should this even be shared on social media?

Perhaps we should allow animals to roam freely and not live their lives in the hands of capitalist monkey-makers taking advantage of foreign travellers wishing to fulfil the latest Instagram trend.