This is the performance of sociability. You might be thinking, “Erm, pardon? How does a picture on the tube suggest that?” Hear me out.

Photos that utilise the TfL network, will more often than not, have an end destination towards a pub, bar, house-party and/or nightclub – some sort of social occasion if you will.  This is not a journey towards a dreaded desk-job.

The passengers that use the tube as a backdrop for their photos are not travelling during peak hours: look at all of that space around them. Some are sitting down, posing with their cheeky beer or Gordon’s pre-mixed G&T.  A picture taken on a morning commute to work might look more like a can of packed sardines. This is a person that clearly has an entertaining and social place to go. This is also a person that wants prospective matches to know that they are outgoing, friendly, always up for a late-night call.

Have I convinced you?