The Best Friend(s) (aka group shots) shout sociability, likability, lovability. They are a ploy to up one’s market value because no one wants to be that person that looks like a loner, unworthy of love and attention. In tandem, the group shot raises user attractiveness when they are surrounded by a group of decent, nice looking individuals. Double win.

Or is it?

There comes a point when the favourable group shot turns into a game of “Where’s Wally” (Waldo - if you are visiting this site from North America). Is the owner of the profile on the right? Middle? Or 5th from the left edge? It’s a game that ends up taking too much time and effort. Trust me - no one wants that, even though they have been sat on their couch swiping mindlessly and without feeling for the past hour. When this point hits, the likelihood of a right swipe effectively decreases.

A question to consider is: at what capacity does this start to happen? Is it with a group shot of 5+? 2+? 10+? You tell me.