The humble bridge is a manifestation of definitive locations around the world – aka a visual signifier of where you have travelled. Have you been to San Francisco and taken a selfie at the Golden Gate Bridge? The Rialto Bridge in Venice? Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia? Tower Bridge in London? Brooklyn Bridge in New York?

Yes to all? You wanderlust, you.

Picture this: you are on a waterfront in Dumbo, at the intersection of Washington and Water Street, an iconic steel bridge is framed perfectly by a cobblestone street, decorated with old-fashion brick buildings. Perhaps a very faint view of the Empire State Building can even be seen far into the distance. It seems almost too picturesque. Too perfect. And inevitably -  to cliché.  It’s fascinating to see people fall into this trap. They wish to appear adventurous, desirable, unique – an exquisite specimen of the modern explorer. And yet, they become just like everyone else. A replica, a clone.